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Mariana Darvas Lanari
Address: Weteringschans, 149b
1017SE Amsterdam
phone +31 0641590039
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1976

— Work
Nov 2016. Mantra — An audiovisual presentation of the online archive of Michael Gibbs. WG Kunst Amsterdam.
Oct 2016. Talk at Press! Print! Publish! at Stedelijk Museum
Fall 2016. Curator of graduation show of Honours Program ART and RESEARCH Gerrit Rietveld Academie / University of Amsterdam.
Fev-Nov 2016. A way a lone a last a lost a loved a long the — live audiovisual narration of fragments of Finnegans Wake in collaboration with Sjoerd Leijten and Katinka de Jonge. 24th of March at VLAM VI, Arti & Amititae. 31st of March at Shifting Spaces, W139. 30th of November, De Ruimte, Amsterdam. With a grant from the AFK, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.
Jun 2015 – Jul 2016. MOVING THINKING — The foundation of one’s thought is the thought of another, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Jun 2016. Talk and text for publication Times of complexity and bewilderment: Design at an Impasse, about the work of Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. Stroom, Den Haag.
April-Jun 2016. — UNITED STARS OF OURANIA — What does it mean to orient oneself in space, Van Zijl Langhout Gallery, Amsterdam. From 22nd of April — 15th of June 2016.
May 2016. The Indians Do Mi Sol — Performance or selected fragments of The Apprentice Tourist from Mario de Andrade in 4 voices, with Viola da Gamba and Alaude in collaboration with Paulo Vivacqua, Robin Van Erven Dorens Punto Bawono. Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort May.
March 2016. UNITED STARS OF OURANIA — FLAM VI — Festival for Live Arts.
Nov 2015. Library Tales, a reading work with live audio and visual animation, at Print Room in Rotterdam. https://printroom.wordpress.com/2015/11/12/saturday-21-november-2015-4-7-pmlibrary-tales/
Oct 2015. Unfolding Moving Thinking a cross-reading mind gym hosted by Mariana Lanari and Sara Giannini aiming at the impossible meeting between the digital folder and the bookshelf, at the stedelijk museum library. http://stedelijk.nl/agenda/events/unfolding-movingthinking#sthash.g6sue0xM.dpuf
Sept 2015. The Indians Do-Mi-Sol —Translation and Reading performance of excerpts of the Amazon diaries of Brazilian modernist writer Mario de Andrade, with Paulo Vivacqua and musician Robin van Erven Dorens at Teatro Munganga in Amsterdam.
May 2015. Psychosculpture sessions and talk with Brendan Heshka and Helen
Turner at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
April 2015. Waywords and meansigns. Audio version of last and first chapter of Finnegans Wake with musical composition by Sjoerd Leijten for complete audio version of the book organized by Boston based producer Derek Pile.
Jan 2015. Performance A Clock for Observation of the Next Ten Years based on the
Movements of the Slow Planets, at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Published at Parking Lot Magazine
Jan 2015. Edited the Portuguese version of the catalog of the exhibition South-South: the Poetry in Between, for Goodman Gallery, South Africa
2014. Hosted a monthly performative Finnegans Wake reading group RWFWR at Rongwrong gallery, in Amsterdam. http://www.rongwrong.org/RWFWY.
Aug 2014. Presented a research about Finnegans Wake at the workshop Walking and Wandering at the James Joyce Zurich Foundation.
Fall 2014. Offered an open class Write, Read & Think at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, part of a research on the performative possibilities of teaching and learning. Around 40 students frequented
the class.
May 2014. Talk about Finnegans Wake on the seminar Joyce and Beckett organized by Aaron Shuster, at the Sandberg Instituut, in March.
Apr 2014. Performative reading of Finnegans Wake in 4 voices, at gallery ZSenne, in Brussels.
Apr 2014. Editor of the Brazilian version of the book Nosso Lar Brasília, with artist
Jonas Staal. Editor for the script of the video and voice over of the same project for the 31st Bienal of São Paulo.
Jan-Feb 2013. Mobile residency in the Amazon with Capacete Entretenimentos.
2011 – 2013. Worked as head editor and research coordinator of Timeline of Brazilian Art History, at Instituto Tomie Ohtake, in São Paulo.
2012 – 2013. Worked as head editor of first and second volume of Livro para Responder, with critical essays about the São Paulo Bienal, published by Capacete Entretenimentos.
Oct 2012. Performance at the 30th Bienal de São Paulo. Loud reading of the complete book Os Vínculos, by Giordano Bruno’s book. The entire reading was broadcasted live by Mobile Radio.
2009 – 2012. Image editor and part of the editorial board for literary journal Serrote, published by Instituto Moreira Salles, São Paulo.
Jul-Dec 2012. Joined the editorial team at the 30th Bienal de São Paulo to gather,
organize, archive, translate into Portuguese and English and edit the information about 3600 artworks, for wall texts, subtitles and catalog.
2011. Created, edited and published artist book Miopia, a collaboration project with Jessica Mein, shown in April 2011, at her solo exhibition at Simon Preston Gallery, NY.
2010 – 2011. Created a fashion theory with the writings of Flavio de Carvalho and curated, with Agnaldo Farias, the exhibition Flavio de Carvalho Undresses Brazilian Fashion from Head to Toe [Flávio de Carvalho desveste a moda brasileira da cabeça aos pés], held at Museu Brasileiro da Escultura – MUBE, in São Paulo [2010] and at Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro – MAM [2011].
2010. Edited and published the book Direito de Subir, by Brazilian artist Tiago Judas,
distributed in Brazil and in Barcelona by Kitschic ediciones.
2010. Participated on the collective project by Capacete Answering Machine [Máquina de Responder], at the 29th Bienal de São Paulo.
2009. Translated to Portuguese the essay “Walter Sickert, a conversation”, by Virginia Woolf, published in Nov, 2009 in the III volume of literary journal Serrote.
2009. Started Lanari editions, a small independent label dedicated to art and artist books.
2005 – 2009. Art and fashion editor at Brazilian publishing house Cosac Naify.
2001 – 2005. Assisted curators, coordinated the production and edited catalogs for exhibition of artists such as Tunga [2001], Laura Vinci [2002], Pierre Verger [2002], Vanessa Beecroft, Shirin Neshat [2002–2003], Isaac Julien [2005]; and historical exhibitions such as De Volta à Luz, pictures from the collection of D. Pedro II [2003]; Art of Africa, from the collection of the Ethnological Museum of Berlin [2002–2005]; Antes Histórias da Pré-história, on Brazilian prehistory [2004]; A Escrita da Memória, 900 artifacts and documents that revealed the history of writing from China 8000 years ago until our time [2004]. After traveling to three major Brazilian cities, produced and installed the exhibition Art of Africa permanently at the Etnologuishes Museum, in Berlin, in 2005.
2003. Lived in Madrid for one year to assist the curator and produce the exhibition Mano a mano – 25 Years of Democracy in Spain at Centro Cultural de la Vila de Madrid, among other projects in Pamplona and Santillana del Mar.
1999 – 2001. Assistant at implementation of Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – São Paulo, where started to produce talks, concerts, film festivals and exhibitions.
1996 – 1999. Full time assistant to Brazilian artist Amelia Toledo. Studio manager and fundraising for public projects.
— Education
2013 - 2015 — MFA at Sandberg Instituut, School of Missing Studies, Amsterdam.
2014 — Scholarship for the Trieste Joyce Summer School at University of Trieste.
2014 — Participated in the International James Joyce Symposium, in Utrecht.
2003 — 2011 Competitive chess player in the team of the IM Herman Claudius van Riemsdijk at Clube Pinheiros, in São Paulo.
1998 — 2001 Faculty of Social Sciences – PUC University, São Paulo, major in Politics.
1995 — 1996 Sanskrit and Hindi at Indian Society School of Boston, in Worcester MA.
1980 — 1994 German elementary school. Gutemberg Schule and Humboldt Schule, São Paulo.
— Languages
Portuguese, English, German, Spanish